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Dry Herbs and Marinated Herbs for Shisha / Nargile

We offer unique herbal Smoking products, amazingly the taste and flavor is much closer to real product, not only in taste but physically it looks like tob a cco in cut, Texture and color, but this is 100% free from To b acco and Nico tine, all herbs are non-addictive, legal, potent and approved. We have full manufacturing facilities, our company is ISO and GMP certified spread over 90,000 sq.  ft. area with skilful and dedicated staff, we are only company in India to have full professional herbal processing complete set up dedicated to herbal smoking products.

Our Herbal Blends

we offer herbs and herbal blends for Shisha, Cigarette and RYO (Roll Your Own) which is the best herbal alternative with many unique competitive advantages over other brands available in the market. The ingredients are potent, legal and non addictive herbs where a smoker can enjoy herbal Shisha with a unique BUZZ of tobacco.

Brief about Natural (No flavor) Base Blend

In Shisha Herbs we offer (Both Dry Herbs as well as Marinated) just Natural herbs are specially offered with determined objective where you can develop any required flavor you want.

Unique Herbs for Herbal Shisha Moassel/Molasses/ Nargile

We offer unique series of herbal products, we offer pure herbs (100% herbal), we are one of the biggest suppliers of various unique smoking herbs and blends, specially for shisha/ Nargile molasses we offer few very unique herbs (Dry and Marinated) which are yellow, white and Red in color, we also offer dried and processed leaves for shisha.

A. DRY Herbs for Shisha

We offer a few different types of dry herbs for shisha and we prepare all the shisha herbs with a very unique process in order to remove all herbal smell from the herbs to prepare perfect herbal shisha. Also all our herb absorbs from 3 times to max. up to ten times.

B. SEMI Marinated Herbs

We offer Semi marinated herbs for Shisha, in semi marinated herbs to prepare shisha marinating time is not required, because its already semi marinated, where you will save marinated time which is 20 to 30 days to marinate or steaming process. In semi marinated herbs you need to add syrup or Honey and Glycerin with flavor and keep for 24 hours, it will be ready to use.

C. FULLY Marinated Herbs (without flavor)

We also offer Fully marinated herbs for Shisha – in complete marinated herbs we marinate herbs with all the required ingredients, here nothing is required except the flavor you just take flavor of your choice and mix it well and keep for 24 hrs and its ready.

We are one of the biggest suppliers of various unique herbs for shisha/ Nargile Moassel, we offer few very unique herbs (Dry and Marinated both) in white, lemon yellow and Red colors.

1. Magic Herbs – (in RED, Golden, Green, Blue and White Colors)

This is one of the unique herb for Herbal Shisha – with a unique long lasting burning quality (this lasts for 2.5 to 3 hours without flavor change) and the other amazing quality of magic herb is – if this is mixed with any base mixture this will boost the taste and increase smoking time of Shisha. Amazingly the Boosted taste will be much better than the traditional shisha brands available in the market.

2. French Herbs (Product code - KML)

This is a unique white herb for Shisha can be developed in any desired color, available in any cut size, this herb absorbs about 5 to 6 times syrup or more, this is available in few colors – KML – W (White), KML- R (RED), KML – G (Golden), KML – LY (Lemon Yellow).

3. Yellow Herbs (Product code - LTX) for Shisha

This is also a very good yellow color – like golden Virginia herb for shisha,  absorbs about 5 to 6 times, and can be processed in any size for shisha.

4. Golden Herbs (Product code - TKP)

This is golden color herbs for shisha, absorbs about 7 to 8 times or more, available in square shisha cut.

5. Lemon Yellow Herbs (Product code - BKC) for Shisha

This is lemon yellow in color, absorbs about 6 to 7 times, a good herb for shisha.