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Brief about Herbal Organic “Bio Leaf Pre Rolled Cones”

We are world’s first to offer a revolutionary super slow burning organic Bio-Herbal Leaf pre-rolled cones and blunts, skillfully hand rolled from unprocessed organic herbal leaf which have various unique competitive advantages over the other similar leaf pre rolls available in the market, the organic leaf have various unique characteristics in smoking like – super slow burning, corresponds very well with the filled/ packed smoking mixture, even burn quality (burns much slower than a cigarette paper), no paper like smell and leaf itself is flavorless but gives a unique herbal aroma on burning, till date this is the best described non tobacco herbal leaf of the market.

Super slow burning organic herbal leaf

is not homogenized or tobacco leaf, it is purely natural unprocessed organic leaf, pre rolled cones are hand rolled from selected high quality leaves and filters are made from organic corn husk, pre rolls are technically hand rolled and air tightens without any adhesive. They’re not a rolling paper and they’re not a cigarette tube! They’re a totally new concept in smoking – “Herbal Leaf Cones”

Cordia & Coromandel Leaf Rolls

Cordia & Coromandel Leaf Rolls

Available Sizes of Natural Leaf Pre Rolls and Blunts

  • 70 mm  Slim Pre Rolls (Top 7 mm, Smoking tip 4 mm, Filter diameter 4 mm & Length 22 mm)
  • 88 mm  (Top 10 mm, Smoking tip 7-8 mm, Filter diameter 8 mm & Length 26 mm)
  • 90 mm & 100 mm (Top 10 mm, Smoking tip 9-10 mm, Filter diameter 8-9 mm & Length 28 mm)
  • 110 mm cones (Top 10-11 mm, Smoking tip 10 mm, Filter diameter 9-10  mm & Length 28 mm)
  • 130 to 140 mm cones (Top 11-12 mm, Smoking tip 10-11  mm, Filter diameter 10-11  mm & Length 30 mm)

Flavored Pre Rolled Cones

Brief about Flavored Bio Leaf Pre Rolls – We offer Series of Mind Blowing Flavored (in both Filtered and unfiltered) pre rolled cones ……… Simply you just name it, we have it! We also offer Terpenes  boosterflavored cones.
In short flavors Like – Fruit, Flower, Terpenes Boosters, Cigar, Tobacco Flavors are
 available …..

Broadly explained – flavors like  Grape, Pineapple, Blue Berry, Watermelon, Mix berry, Apple, Guava, Mint, Lemon, Clove , Vanilla, Chocolate, Cappuccino, Russian Cream, Berry Blast, Rose, Cherry, Mango, Melon, Kool, (Mint) and few unique flavors like unique terpenes (Temptation & Pheromones),  flavored pre rolled cones are available to enjoy exotic Flavored Smoking!

Pre Rolls Packing :

1.Tube Pack for 88 or 90 mm Rolls  – 3 rolls 88 mm / tube, 24 tubes/ display

2.Tube Pack for 120 mm cones ( 3 Rolls/ tube)

3.Pouch Pack – 2 or 3 rolls/ pouch, 24 pouches/ display for 88 & 110 mm

4.Single unit pack for 110 to 130 mm cones-  in designers’ single Roll pack

5.Box or Bulk Pack (100’s) – for sizes 110 mm, 120 mm and 140 mm we offer

OEM - OEM available of all the sizes, MOQ for Brand labeling 10,000 Units.

Terpenes added Herbal Blends and RYO

Herbal RYO (Roll Your Own) i- Brief about Bio Gold & RASTA Blends (RYO) – We offer series of unique Herbal Blends but out of all few are very special blends like RASTA and Bio Gold, where we have selected few unique herbs from nature’s herbal treasure to create unique blends which smells and spells the rituals of human attraction, simply an enigma have been blended to offer blends like “RASTA & Bio Gold”, The Ultimate Matchless Blends which will get you on in Thrill & exhilaration.

RYO Packing – 20 gram pouch, 20 gram packet, 40 gram pouch, 5 gram tube & 1 kg. Pack

OEM  – OEM available .